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Stop incontinenceso nothing can stop you

Urinary incontinence affects millions of people and can stem from a variety of factors, including aging, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, enlarged prostate, or neurological disorders.

Despite its prevalence, this condition can be embarrassing and even discouraging, affecting our day-to-day life and confidence. Emsella at Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics offers a non-invasive solution to urinary incontinence in Phoenix.

What is Emsella?

Emsella is an FDA-approved breakthrough urinary incontinence treatment for men and women. This non-invasive treatment allows patients to painlessly and effectively strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to significantly reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence and escape the constant worry of an accident.

Emsella uses HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) stimulation to induce thousands of muscle contractions within each 30-minute session. For women, one Emsella treatment is the equivalent of 11,000 Kegels! The contractions produced with Emsella are more intense and occur at a higher frequency than the human body can perform on its own; so, naturally, these supramaximal contractions deliver far better and faster results when it comes to urinary incontinence than regular exercises!

Benefits of Emsella for urinary incontinence

Emsella can seem like a dream solution for those suffering from urinary incontinence due to its convenience, efficacy, and comfort. This non-invasive treatment involves no surgery, anesthesia, or downtime and produces a 95% improvement in urinary incontinence.

As if Emsella’s ability to treat urinary incontinence isn’t enough, it also effectively enhances sexual performance and pleasure. The combined perks of Emsella can amount to a substantially improved quality of life for men and women. Emsella urinary incontinence treatment is comfortable and discreet, allowing patients to stay fully dressed throughout their entire session. With no recovery or troublesome side effects, Emsella couldn’t be easier (or more worth it)!

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Am I a
candidate for urinary incontinence treatments?

Emsella is an ideal treatment option for men and women of all ages who experience bladder leakage or who would like to restore or enhance their pelvic floor strength non-invasively.

What to expect during your urinary incontinence treatment

Your Emsella urinary incontinence treatment couldn’t be simpler. As you sit fully clothed on the high-tech Emsella stool, HIFEM energy will cause thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions. You will notice a tingling sensation and intense contractions, but treatment is comfortable, and you will be able to easily relax and read a book or magazine during your 28-minute session.

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Your urinary incontinence treatment recovery

There is no recovery after your Emsella session! You can return to all of your regular activities without restriction as soon as you leave our office. Some of our Phoenix urinary incontinence treatment patients report lingering tingling or muscle sensations following treatment, but these conditions are mild and not uncomfortable at all.

Your urinary incontinence treatment results

You may notice an improvement in urinary incontinence and general pelvic floor strength after just one treatment. However, most patients undergo six treatments over three to six weeks to get the best results possible. Your results can last nine to 12 months, though some patients require touch-up treatments every six months. Our treatment specialists will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to fit your needs.

Phoenix urinary incontinence treatment model in white dress smiling
Phoenix urinary incontinence treatment model smiling

Schedule your consultation for urinary incontinence treatment

Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics offers a luxury med spa experience with patient lounges, refreshment centers, and complimentary champagne service. Our skilled specialists are here to help you get the most out of life with our advanced non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence in Phoenix. Urinary incontinence doesn’t have to impact your life. Contact our friendly office staff during regular business hours to schedule your consultation. Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics serves patients in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Arcadia, AZ.

Frequently Asked Question

Emsella carries very minimal risk and virtually no bothersome side effects. Some patients may experience localized muscle spasms, joint or tendon pain, or redness immediately after treatment, but these mild side effects typically subside quickly. Patients with implanted metal or electronic medical implants should not receive Emsella treatment. In addition, patients who are pregnant should postpone their treatment.

No, Emsella is not painful. You may experience some tingling in addition to intense muscle contractions, but treatment is comfortable, and most patients find Emsella easy enough to read during their session.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover Emsella in most cases. On the bright side, Emsella for urinary incontinence is an FSA-eligible expense, so you can pay for your treatment with pre-tax dollars.

While the standard number of sessions for an initial series of Emsella is six, each patient is different. The experts at Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics can help you determine the best number of treatments for your specific needs.

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