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Vaginal RejuvenationCompletely

Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics strives to offer the best vaginal rejuvenation Phoenix has to offer with a completely non-invasive, game-changing treatment to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, reduce urinary incontinence, and enhance your sexual experience. With Emsella vaginal rejuvenation, you can tone up down there discreetly, painlessly, and with no downtime.

What is vaginal

Vaginal laxity is a common concern among women, as it can occur as a result of aging, hormonal changes, pregnancy, childbirth, or other factors. Vaginal laxity can affect your and your partner’s sexual experience and may even influence your sexual interest.

Furthermore, vaginal laxity may be accompanied by other symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor, such as urinary incontinence or pelvic prolapse. Thanks to Emsella’s HIFEM technology, vaginal rejuvenation just got a whole lot smarter. Phoenix vaginal rejuvenation patients can now significantly strengthen their pelvic floor without surgery, painful treatment, downtime, or tedious exercises.

As HIFEM (high-intensity electromagnetic energy) creates powerful contractions in pelvic floor muscles, the vaginal walls become stronger and tighter. As this HIFEM energy surpasses the mechanisms in the brain that limit muscular performance, the contractions induced with Emsella are more powerful and do more to increase pelvic floor strength than any regular exercise. A single 28-minute vaginal rejuvenation treatment is like performing 11,000 Kegels but without the work!

What are the benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Emsella offers fast, effective, and comfortable treatment for women seeking non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation. This FDA-approved treatment strengthens your pelvic floor, corrects vaginal laxity, and reduces symptoms of urinary incontinence with sessions that take less than 30 minutes and require no numbing, sedation, or downtime. Emsella also improves sexual function, interest, and enjoyment. In addition, you can stay fully clothed for your entire treatment!

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Am I a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation?

Emsella is an excellent treatment option for women who would like to restore their vaginal elasticity, increase pelvic floor strength, or treat urinary incontinence. While most women with these concerns are candidates for vaginal rejuvenation with Emsella, women who have implanted metal or electronic devices may not be eligible for treatment. Also, women who are pregnant should postpone their treatment.

What to expect during vaginal rejuvenation treatment

Non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation with Emsella couldn’t be easier! When you arrive for your treatment, a member of our team will welcome you and invite you into one of our private treatment suites. You take a seat, fully clothed, on the state-of-the-art Emsella stool, and your treatment will begin promptly. Soon after your treatment begins, you will experience intense muscle contractions and a tingling sensation. However, non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment is not uncomfortable, and we invite you to relax and enjoy a book or magazine to enjoy during your session.

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Your vaginal rejuvenation

As soon as your 28-minute vaginal rejuvenation session is over, you can return to all regular activities! Emsella involves virtually no recovery, though you may notice lingering tingling and muscle contractions for a few hours after your session.

Your vaginal rejuvenation results

Some Phoenix vaginal rejuvenation patients notice a difference in their pelvic strength and elasticity after just one treatment, but full results will appear after a series of treatments. Most patients reach optimal results with six sessions spaced over three to six weeks. However, the experts at Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics will help determine the most appropriate number of sessions for your needs. Your vaginal rejuvenation results can last nine to 12 months, though some patients receive touch-up sessions every six months to maintain their pelvic floor strength.

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Phoenix vaginal rejuvenation model on beach

Schedule your consultation for vaginal rejuvenation in Phoenix

Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics is excited to offer Emsella in Phoenix. Vaginal rejuvenation has never been easier or less invasive! Please contact our office during regular business hours to schedule your consultation for vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor strengthening. Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics offers all patients a luxury med spa experience with a friendly and professional atmosphere, patient lounges, refreshment centers, and complimentary champagne service. We serve patients in the Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Arcadia, AZ, areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emsella is not painful. While the contractions may be intense, treatment is very tolerable for most patients.

Unfortunately, insurance does not typically cover Emsella vaginal rejuvenation. However, Emsella may be FSA- eligible as a treatment for urinary incontinence.

There is minimal risk with Emsella. Some patients notice mild joint or tendon soreness, redness, or muscle spasms after treatment, but these conditions are mild and resolve shortly after treatment.

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