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Smooth away cellulitewithout surgery

Cellulite can be a notoriously difficult problem to resolve, as diet and exercise don't offer much improvement of cellulite's distinctive dimpling. However, luxury Medical Spa Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics strives to offer the best Cellulite Treatment Phoenix has to offer with Emtone, a non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment, so you can address this common problem without going under the knife.

What causes

Cellulite is an incredibly common problem-- and an equally annoying nuisance-- affecting 90% of women at some point in their lifetime. Many people try healthy diet and exercise as a cellulite treatment and, while a healthy lifestyle is always beneficial, it doesn’t seem to do much for reducing cellulite. But, why? Despite common misconceptions, cellulite is not a product of unhealthy living.

As we age (ugh), multiple changes contribute to the development of cellulite. Blood flow declines, skin becomes lax, metabolic waste accumulates, fat cells swell, and fibrous bands called septae stiffen. As these changes occur, enlarged fat cells push outward against the skin while stiffened septae pull the skin inward. As a result, the dimpling and “cottage cheese” associated with cellulite appear. Sculpt AZ Medical Aesthetics offers a non-invasive and comprehensive Cellulite Treatment in Phoenix. Emtone gets straight to the source, addressing all cellulite’s causes without a single incision or downtime.

What are the benefits of Emtone cellulite Treatment?

Emtone uses combined radiofrequency and targeted pressure energies to simultaneously firm skin, promote blood flow, shrink fat cells, eliminate stored metabolic waste, relax fibrous septae, and ultimately reduce the appearance of cellulite

You can reduce cellulite in your abdomen, upper arms, love handles, thighs, back, and buttocks for smooth contours throughout your body. These Cellulite Treatments are short and tolerable and involve no downtime so that not only will you be able to continue living your best (and most fabulous) life, but you’ll be able to do it free of self-consciousness about your skin.

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Am I a candidate for non-invasive cellulite treatment?

Non-invasive Cellulite Treatment is a fantastic treatment option for anyone who would like to reduce the appearance of cellulite in their body without surgery or downtime. Emtone is safe and effective for all body types and skin types, leaving almost no woman behind in the fight against cellulite.

The Emtone procedure

During your non-invasive Cellulite Treatment, you will be free to relax comfortably while one of our skilled specialists applies the combined RF and targeted pressure energies using the Emtone handpiece and a conductive moisturizing lotion. Most of our Phoenix Cellulite Treatment patients easily tolerate Emtone, and some compare the sensation to a hot stone massage. No anesthesia is needed, and treatment typically takes between 12 and 20 minutes. As soon as your treatment is complete, you can return to your day as usual. Four treatments over two weeks is the standard protocol for Emtone treatment, but our specialists will help you determine if that is the appropriate number of sessions for your goals.

Phoenix cellulite treatment model in swimsuit

Cellulite Treatment Recovery

There is no recovery or downtime after Emtone. Easy enough, right?

Cellulite Treatment Results

Non-invasive Cellulite Treatment takes a little time to work as collagen production and blood flow increase, and damaged fat cells and excess metabolic waste disappear. You’re likely to notice a difference in treated cellulite around two weeks after treatment, but your full Cellulite Treatment results will develop for two to three months. You might need touch-up treatments every three to 12 months. Our expert aesthetic team can help you determine how frequently you should schedule your follow-up treatments to maintain your results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Emtone cellulite treatment is not painful. You will notice a sensation of heat but treatment is easy for most patients and does not require any numbing or sedation.

Yes! Patients achieve an average of 93% reduction in cellulite in areas treated with Emtone.

Unfortunately, Emtone is not a treatment option for patients with an implantable metal device.

Risks associated with Emtone are about as minimal as they get. You may experience some redness that lasts a few hours after treatment, but this mild condition will subside quickly.

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